International SEO Services That Unlock Global Demand

Helping South African businesses thrive internationally is undoubtedly one of the most powerful opportunity unlocking services we deliver. Done right, there’s simply nothing in a digital marketers arsenal that compares with a precision executed International Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. Our approach delivers:

  • Country specific keyword research and multi-language optimisation
  • Massive year round search volumes, which alleviate the challenge of seasonal demand
  • Global exposure and credibility, which increases the value of your brand internationally
  • Demand for your product line before you’ve even stepped into the country
  • Improved bargaining power with local distributors and agents
  • Long term strategic advantage when negotiating with distributors
  • A systematic approach to getting your international network setup before your competition

Why Don’t More Businesses Capitalise On The Opportunity?

Just saying it like it is, competition for top industry search phrases in the international market is tough. Entering that market without a proven SEO strategy, is simply not an option. To compound the challenge every country has it’s own variations on the search phrases they use, even when they speak the same language. Furthermore, to deliver SEO services in another country, one not only needs local knowledge of the more tangible issues like key cities, online population sizes, relevant events and industry authorities, but one needs to have working knowledge of the online world in each of the countries you want to target. Questions like which are the more powerful local directories and industry specific sites need answers and links will often need to be earned on sites that are in foreign languages. If your SEO company does not have someone on the ground in that country, it makes an already complex job, more often than not, simply unachievable.

WSI and International SEO Fit Like A Glove

WSI is the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants. Over the past 25 years, WSI has established itself in over 80 countries. Our Cape Town based team is just one of over a 1000 WSI Digital Marketing Agencies who consistently share digital marketing knowledge and best practises – now that is powerful! Not only does this enable us to provide our clients with optimised content in the right language, but it also ensures your campaign can receive the Local SEO expertise it requires in all of the most important business regions.

We’re Ready To Help You Do Business Abroad

If your business is already operating internationally, or it’s an established national player wanting to expand internationally, then give us a call or contact us and let’s setup a meeting in which we can get a clear understanding of your international marketing objectives. After that we typically can’t constrain ourselves much longer… it’s time to don our research hats and dive deep into some rock solid search volume analysis, focussing specifically on the country we’ve agreed you want to target next. Providing the search volumes are high enough, we’ll settle down to work out an estimated Return On Investment. If that gets you excited, then it’s time to make it happen!


WSI Corporate Partners include Google, Hootsuite, Constant Contact and Yahoo Bing

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