Paid Search (PPC) Services That Deliver Leads and Sales

Does your business need a consistent stream of leads and sales, and you need them “on-tap”? Then think PPC. WSI’s Paid Search Marketing or PPC services are one of the quickest and most direct ways to drive qualified traffic to your website and convert them into actionable leads.

In addition to increasing leads and sales quickly, PPC is also regularly used to strengthen brand awareness and collect a range of industry specific insights, such as which keywords deliver the strongest leads and return on investment (ROI), as this information can be used to greatly enhance your SEO campaign too. In short, it’s one of the most measurable forms of advertising available today, capable of tracking your potential customers from the moment they click on an ad, through to the point where they convert into a lead, or buy online if it’s an ecommerce enabled website.

The Concept is Simple – Delivering Strong ROI is Not

Yes, Paid Search Marketing is easy to understand as a concept, but if you’re focussed on delivering strong return on investment, and you’re working with large budgets in competitive industries, then campaign management quickly becomes complex and there is no substitute for engaging the services of a professional PPC team that can leverage their combined skills, time, technology and experience across multiple industries to minimise click costs, maximise conversions and ultimately deliver strong ROI.

Common Mistakes that Quickly Increase Costs and Hijack ROI

  • Not defining the campaign’s objective – is it for leads, branding or data insights
  • Not targeting keywords with buyer intent
  • Not building a negative keyword list
  • Bid management that is not based on marketing objectives and keyword intent
  • No split testing of ad copy
  • Sending traffic to the Home or Contact Us pages, instead of dedicated sales pages
  • No A/B testing of sales pages
  • Not using the lessons learnt from PPC to enrich the SEO strategy

What is your Search Engine Marketing campaign currently doing? Need help? Let us know.

Our PPC Clients Benefit From Our Holistic Approach

WSI clients have significant competitive advantage because they benefit from both the world class expertise and capacity available through our global network and our own local team’s knowledge and Google certified experience. It’s a powerful combination that ensures we have the required up to date skills and scalable campaign management solutions to deliver strong ROI no matter how large the campaign is.

In practical terms, our skillset therefore includes:

  • Keyword and content mapping that reflects your buyer’s journey
  • Writing ad copy that converts
  • Campaign optimisation based on when and where your target is most likely to convert
  • Strategic bid management that takes keyword intent into account
  • Landing / Sales page architecture
  • Persuasive copywriting for Landing pages
  • Responsive design and development
  • Call Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking and Optimisation
  • Statistical analysis that converts data into actionable insights

By bringing it all together we deliver a holistic approach, one which starts with us investing time to learn about your business, getting clarity on your marketing objectives and clearly identifying your target market’s needs as they move through the buying cycle. Armed with those insights, we shift our attention to architecting a digital marketing strategy that will deliver the best ROI specifically for your business, and if appropriate the recommendation will include a Paid Search Marketing campaign. No, we don’t ask our clients to sign long term contracts, because we know that if you’re getting strong ROI, then there’s no reason to leave.

Contact Our Team in Cape Town for Paid Search Marketing

Whether it’s the Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing, Display Marketing, Remarketing or YouTube Marketing opportunity you want to capitalise on, we at WSI in Cape Town look forward to delivering results. Our PPC service is a clear repeatable recipe that’s already delivered strong ROI for a number of large name brands both in South Africa and Internationally and we look forward to doing the same for you. Give us a call or make an enquiry to make it happen.


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