Ecommerce SEO Services For Click and Brick Retailers

Store traffic is the lifeblood of both click and brick stores. To connect and direct that traffic online retailers need to position their online store inside South Africa’s largest mall and source of traffic – Where is your store “positioned” inside this mall – page 1,2,3 or…? Are your customers finding your website or your competitors when they search for the products you sell? If not, our ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is laser focussed on addressing the specific issues that ecommerce websites commonly present and we would welcome the opportunity to help if you’re serious about making your online store work.

Do You Appreciate the Full Potential of Your Ecommerce Site?

Yes, this year’s PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC) survey estimated the value of South Africa’s online retail sales at R5.3bn, but that is by no means an indication of the true value of the online stores in our country. Why? Because experienced click and brick retailers appreciate that the end goal is sales. Not just online sales or just in-store sales, but total sales and the sharp increase in traffic delivered by a successful ecommerce SEO team will contribute powerfully to sales both online and in-store. Partner with us and we will show you how to move your ecommerce website from a seemingly frustrating distraction into a business tool that becomes the heart of your retail strategy.

What Are The Common Challenges With Ecommerce Sites?

With thousands of dynamically generated pages, ecommerce websites typically pose a challenge for novice SEO practitioners. While the pages may seem to work fine from a user perspective, many of these dynamically generated pages will contain duplicate content issues, which is a serious cause of poor rankings on Google. Typically these come about as a result of:

  • Pagination
  • Search Query pages
  • Dynamic Filter pages
  • Product Ordering / Sorting pages
  • Session ID’s
  • Print pages
  • Product reviews that appear on more than one page
  • …and more

Add to this the challenge of inappropriate category, sub-category and sub-sub category names, which don’t match the search phrases your customers use to find your range of products, and you’ve got a recipe that’s almost guaranteed to confuse and ensure Google does not rank your site for the search phrases you need to target.

Let us Fix It

If you’re still reading we expect it’s because at least some of these issues resonate. Maybe you’re the Owner, MD or Marketing Director of a national clicks and bricks retail chain or you’re the developer responsible for building that custom ecommerce platform which has the kind of functionality that will deliver powerful competitive advantage for your client. Either way, if your ecommerce websites are not getting found by their target market on the search engines WSI has the required years of experience to find and help you fix these types of ecommerce specific SEO issues and the capacity to deliver class leading search engine marketing campaigns that will drive traffic to your stores. Give us a call, or submit an enquiry and let’s get the lifeblood of retail flowing through your store’s door.


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