Email Marketing Services that Increase Sales

Email marketing is still considered one of the top 3 digital marketing channels that drive exceptional Return On Investment. It provides businesses with the opportunity to stay connected with both prospects and existing clients, nurturing leads until they are ready to buy and strengthening relationships with existing clients, such that businesses can upsell, cross-sell and encourage word of mouth marketing too.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the creation and distribution of promotional and business emails to a predetermined group of customers in a way that is beneficial to both your company and the person receiving the email. This is done through a mailing list that is created via your website and consists of customers who have opted-in or subscribed to your mailing list. The email marketing campaigns that we create are specifically tailored to match each client’s unique business needs – we work with best practises, not cookie cutter templates. This ensures your readers get emails that address their needs and that the marketing goals of the newsletter are 100% in line with the goals of your website. When done right it’s a powerful recipe that delivers sales month after month at exceptional ROI. What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

No matter if you are looking to improve an existing email marketing campaign or start a new one, our WSI email marketing team can help you take advantage of the following benefits of email marketing:

  • Email marketing gives you an additional communication channel that will help you connect to your customers in their home or place of work
  • It also gives you additional non traditional (Radio, TV and Print) customer market penetration and helps to create brand and product awareness on a continual basis
  • Email marketing is an inexpensive yet powerful way to reach customers through a medium that they understand and feel comfortable with
  • Emails can help generate sales revenue through targeted special offers and product updates
  • Well scripted and designed emails will help increase traffic to your website as well as increase visitor conversions
  • Thanks to an effective email marketing campaign there will be an enhanced synergy between all of your marketing communication channels

Why Choose WSI in Cape Town as Your Email Marketing Partner?

With almost a decade of experience in the email marketing field and a range of clients that include some highly competitive markets we know that we have what it takes to improve your customer outreach and sales revenue. Want to know more about what we have done for our existing clients? Then go to our clients page to find out more. We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.


WSI Corporate Partners include Google, Hootsuite, Constant Contact and Yahoo Bing

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