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Meet the Team at WSI Cape Town

The core WSI digital marketing team in Cape Town consists of 4 people with distinctly different creative, technical and strategic skillsets. These talented internet professionals work together as an integrated digital marketing team and ensure that all of WSI’s clients get the best return on investment from their digital marketing spend.

Andrew Foye

Founding Member of WSI in Cape Town

Founding member and intrepid leader of the search engine marketing crew that makes up WSI in Cape Town. Andrew has single-handedly grown a core team of hand-picked digital industry professionals that deliver successful digital marketing campaigns with measurable business results. His personal key skill areas include Search Engine Marketing (specifically SEO and Adwords), Content Marketing, Conversion Optimisation, Online Competitor Analysis and Email Marketing.

Want to know more about Andrew? Then connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on our blog.

Carola van Zyl

Head of Project Management, Senior Account Executive and Head of Internal Media Traffic

Carola’s extensive marketing and project management experience has ensured that she is the “go-to” person at WSI when things need to get done. With a passion for people and her generalist skills and qualifications (which range from HR, accounting and more specifically, Project Management) she is the perfect person to get the creatives creating and the developers developing within strict timelines.

Learn more about Carola via her LinkedIn profile or follow her on the WSI Cape Town Blog here.

Elzet Holtzhausen

Paid Search Marketing and Analytics Expert

With a bachelor’s degree in Information Science from Stellenbosch University and extensive web development, Google Adwords and Web Analytics and reporting experience under her belt, Elzet is able to continually identify opportunities and improve marketing campaigns as they evolve. She has obtained her Google Adwords and Analytics certifications, both with with specialisation in Search and Display Marketing. Elzet is also fluent in English, Afrikaans and French.

Find out more about Elzet and what she brings to the WSI team on her LinkedIn profile or follow her on the WSI blog.

Willem Louw

Web Designer and Senior Web and Mobile Developer

Willem is WSI in Cape Town’s senior in-house Web Designer and Front-end Developer who has a passion for creating clean, visually appealing and effective websites from scratch. He is a graduate of both the Prestige Academy and the Friends of Design here in Cape Town, as well as an avid motorcycle rider, a keen motorsports fan and a musician.

Check out Willem’s profile on LinkedIn or read his prolific posts on the WSI in Cape Town Blog.

Nadia Schoeman

Digital Marketing Assistant

Nadia is the Content Marketing Coordinator and Social Media and Online Reputation Manager for WSI in Cape Town. She also serves the roles of Copy Editor, Newsletter Coordinator and Writer, and is part of the SEO team. Nadia has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology for Professional Contexts from UNISA, thrives on efficiency and works to spoil her dogs.

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