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Meet the Team at WSI Cape Town

The core WSI digital marketing team in Cape Town consists of six people with distinctly different creative, technical and strategic skillsets. These talented internet professionals work together as an integrated digital marketing team and ensure that all of WSI’s clients get the best return on investment from their digital marketing spend.

Andrew Foye

Founding Member of WSI in Cape Town

Founding member and intrepid leader of the search engine marketing crew that makes up WSI in Cape Town. Andrew has single-handedly grown a core team of hand-picked digital industry professionals that deliver successful digital marketing campaigns with measurable business results. His personal key skill areas include Search Engine Marketing (specifically SEO and Adwords), Content Marketing, Conversion Optimisation, Online Competitor Analysis and Email Marketing.

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Carola van Zyl

Facebook Marketing Specialist

Carola has consistently demonstrated an ability to excel in dynamic and fast-paced environments and transitioned from her previous roles as Project Management, Senior Account Executive, and Head of Internal Media Traffic to leverage her skills in a new capacity. Carola has an extensive and multifaceted background of experience which has made her an instrumental force within our team.

In her role as a Facebook Organic and Paid Marketing Specialist, Carola has made a transformative impact on our digital marketing endeavours for almost 10 years. With her proven ability to navigate complex challenges and her genuine passion for connecting with people, she is well-equipped to lead our online marketing efforts to new heights.

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Elzet Holtzhausen

Paid Search Marketing and Analytics Expert

With a bachelor’s degree in Information Science from Stellenbosch University and extensive web development, Google Adwords and Web Analytics and reporting experience under her belt, Elzet is able to continually identify opportunities and improve marketing campaigns as they evolve. She has obtained her Google Adwords and Analytics certifications, both with with specialisation in Search and Display Marketing. Elzet is also fluent in English, Afrikaans and French.

Find out more about Elzet and what she brings to the WSI team on her LinkedIn profile or follow her on the WSI blog.

Willem Louw

Web Designer and Senior Web and Mobile Developer

Willem is WSI in Cape Town’s senior in-house Web Designer and Front-end Developer who has a passion for creating clean, visually appealing and effective websites from scratch. He is a graduate of both the Prestige Academy and the Friends of Design here in Cape Town, as well as an avid motorcycle rider, a keen motorsports fan and a musician.

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Nadia Schoeman

Project Manager

Nadia started out and continues to add value as the Content Marketing Coordinator and Social Media and Online Reputation Manager, Copy Editor, Newsletters Coordinator and Writer. Additionally, Nadia’s active participation in our SEO team underscores her commitment to mastering the intricacies of the digital landscape.

Nadia is a versatile and accomplished member of the WSI Cape Town team, who has since joining in 2020 expanded her role to Project Manager and Senior Account Executive. With a dedication to excellence and her ability to efficiently manage projects and client relationships, Nadia plays a pivotal role within our team.

Nadia has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology for Professional Contexts, earned from UNISA, and is known for an unwavering dedication to efficiency, a quality that shines through in her multifarious roles. Her commitment to delivering exceptional results is a hallmark of her work ethic. Nadia is an enthusiastic dog mom to seven and enjoys mountain biking whenever possible.

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Antoine Caradonna

Account Executive

Originally from the South of France, Antoine moved to Cape Town fourteen years ago where he started his career in digital marketing by working with European clients in an agency. With over 10 years of experience in Online Marketing and has worked in-house for some of South Africa’s biggest brands, including Store-Age International and Shimansky, he understands all aspects of the online industry and is well versed in the planning and implementation of effective digital marketing campaigns.

From high level strategic planning, to hands-on in depth experience with both Google and Facebook’s marketing platforms, Antoine is well positioned to fulfill the role of Account Executive at WSI – and when there’s a gap you’ll find him diving into some of our digital marketing research projects. Outside of work he enjoys travelling and reading.


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