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Mobile & Tablet Marketing is Revolutionising Content Consumption in South Africa

Andrew Foye, WSI in Cape Town MD

As one of the most progressive digital marketing brands in the world, we at WSI in Cape Town are at the forefront of new online marketing technology. This allows us to take advantage of emerging marketing channels such as mobile and tablet marketing and use it in ways that will best benefit our clients business.

We tailor make all mobile and tablet marketing collateral to ensure that our clients digital marketing budget not only fits the platform, but the profile of their customer as well. This helps to ensure that they get the best return on investment possible, giving them access to highly convertible and highly targeted customer audiences.

Mobile and Tablet Application Development

There’s no doubt that digital communication, and media consumption is going mobile, and along with it the growth in mobile and tablet application (app) development is going through the stratosphere. This is why we provide access to a trusted third party mobile and tablet application development company. One that we are proud to do business with and call our business partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding mobile and tablet app development. We will only be to happy to put you in contact with our application development partners.

SMS Marketing

The vast majority of our clients use SMS marketing as a form of customer support, as this is a less intrusive way to create top of mind awareness. This form of sms marketing is less annoying for customers as in most cases they are tired of receiving spammy sms or text messages.

Did you know? We can can help you set up, manage and script the perfect sms customer support sms marketing campaign. This will ensure that your business remains relevant but not intrusive.


WSI Corporate Partners include Google, Hootsuite, Constant Contact and Yahoo Bing

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