Local SEO Services That Increase Local Clientele

Local Search Engine Optimisation, or Local SEO services are what we offer to help businesses grow their presence in the local search results and thereby connect with their buyers online at that vital point when they transition from researching a product or solution, to searching for a local supplier or service provider where they can try before they buy. Respect Local Search and you’ll soon see a sizable increase in the number of informed, ready to buy, customers walking in your door.

If your business depends on local customers, make sure you give Local Search the attention it deserves. For many businesses it’s the difference between winning or losing the deal and Google knows that. That’s why every time Google determines a search “Query Deserves Local” (QDL) results, they give up a large piece of prime “real estate” to Local Search Results (those results with the Google Map icons).

Whether your business operates from a single location (e.g. Cape Town), multiple branches in one or more provinces or nationally (e.g. a national franchise), Local Search SEO works. And yes, it’s a scalable service, so we can either assist with the optimisation of just a handful of your core branches or we can roll out a campaign for all branches simultaneously. You tell us your business goals and we will deliver accordingly.

Local Search Simply Makes Sense

Picture yourself as a Nissan car dealer… Jack Jones, your potential customer, is looking for a new Nissan Juke and he wants to test drive the vehicle… now! His next step is therefore to search for local “nissan dealers”. The search engine (typically Google) determines his “Query Deserves Local” results, detects his approximate location, and returns with a set of search results that include the Nissan dealerships closest to Jack. Jack clicks on the branch closest to him, takes a look at their Google Business page, then their website and requests a test drive… Well, at least that’s what happens when you’ve got your local SEO right. Choose to ignore it however and your potential customers will quickly locate, use and ultimately purchase from your competitors, even though they may be situated considerably further away.

Similar scenarios such as this play themselves out everyday in South Africa, no matter whether you’re a car dealer, lawyer, household removal company, restaurateur or gas supplier. So if the location of your business is important to a potential customer, you need to cast your line where the BIG fish are – in the Local Search Results!

Improve Your Local Search Engine Rankings the Right Way

For optimum Return on Investment we believe Local SEO should not be restricted solely to an online marketing solution. It’s a great opportunity to connect and leverage your local network, work with local industry experts, strengthen ties with local organisations and connect with your target market at a grass roots level. If you’ve still got questions you’d like us to answer, then drop us a line, give us a call or contact us. We look forward to helping you grow your business by ensuring your clients will find you in the Local Search Results.


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